Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Lips - New lip care from Maybelline

New introduction!! 
Baby Lips from Maybelline, get your babylip protected for up to 8 hours!! 

Baby Lips is enriched with Centella Asiatica extracts, which helps in the re-production of Collagen, improves and repairs cracked lips and keep it moisturised up to 8 hours with a SPF20 protection from UVA/B.

            Tip: It can be used as a lipstick base too
               More importantly, visible effects within 4 weeks.
Recommended by the Japanese magazine - SWEET

Baby Lips Lip Balm - 4 different flavours:
01 MT - Mint
02 BR - Strawberry
03 CH - Cherry
04 OR - Orange

FaceQ Mask

Introducing the new FaceQ Mask~
In Taiwan, 'Q' is widely interpreted as 'Elasticity', be it the elasticity for skin or even noodle. And to possess elastic skin is the dream of every woman, who always wanted a rejuvenated skin as smooth as a baby's. In order to make the dream come true, FaceQ Mask is here to bring you baby skin once-again.
FaceQ has 4 different types of Mask, represented by 4 different characters:-
1. Princess Red Pomegranate
2. Princess Aloe Vera
3. Princess Grape Seed
4. Princess Sponge Gourd

 1. Princess Red Pomegranate    
         Pomegranate CoQ10 Whitening Facial Mask
        - Whitening
        - Anti-aging and wrinkles reduction
        - Restores and maintain skin vibrancy.

        Price: RM29 / box (10pcs)

 2. Princess Aloe Vera       
          Ocean and Aloe Collagen Facial Mask
        - Ultra moisturizing
        - Highly effective in moisture retention
        - Restore natural glow and velvety-smooth skin texture

        Price: RM29 / box (10pcs)

 3. Princess Grape Seed 
        Grape seed & Green Tea Lustre Skin Facial Mask
        - Whitening and anti-oxidization
        - Prevent from dark spots formation
        - Tightens and refines pores

        RM29 / box (10pcs)

4. Princess Sponge Gourd
      Sponge Gourd Double-Action Moisture Retention Facial Mask
       - Moisture retention
       - Prevents skin irritation, soothes redness and improves sensitive skin condition
       - Calms skin and reduces dark spots

       RM29 / box (10pcs)